Everything under control? - Foundation concepts for offshore parks

Everything under control? - Foundation concepts for offshore parks

DIMAS, J. & RICHERT, F. (2001):

Alles im Griff? - Fundamentkonzepte für Offshore-Parks.- Erneuerbare Energien, 10, 28 - 31, Hannover.



The development of the foundation concept plays a central role during the design process of offshore wind turbines. The design, manufacture and installation of the foundations account for about one third of the cost of the entire system.

With respect to the economic constraints of the offshore wind energy utilization, the foundation design of offshore wind turbines at deeper water depths (> 15 m) remains a engineering challenge. Experiences from the first realized (pilot) projects in Denmark, Sweden, and England can only be adopted partially for German projects, since the applicable regulations and the spatial requirements (coastal distance, water depths etc.) are not transferable.

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Conventional offshore foundations (DIMAS & RICHERT (2001)
Conventional offshore foundations (DIMAS & RICHERT 2001):
1. Deep foundations: a) Monopile, b) Tripod, c) Jacket (IMS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, 2001)
2. Surface (gravity) foundation: d) Ballasted Tripod e) Conventional gravity foundation