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Johannes Dimas is a graduate geologist as well as environmental & quality manager.

He has been extensively involved in the German offshore wind energy development already since 2000. Since several years he is also engaged in the emerging offshore wind energy sector of Brazil.

Pioneering Offshore Wind in Germany

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Johannes Dimas has coordinated environmental impact assessments and coauthored approval applications for the first German offshore wind farm projects, e.g. the DanTysk project. As well as this, he has planned and supervised the first drilling for a wind farm development in the Baltic Sea, and was involved in the construction of the first German offshore wind research platform in 2002.

At Vattenfall Europe, he was responsible for the onshore wind energy installations. Commencing in 2005, he designed jointly with the headquarters the Vattenfall Europe's Offshore Strategy. Hence, he paved the way for the successful offshore market entry. This was associated with several offshore project transactions (e.g. DanTysk, and alpha ventus) and the decarbonisation of the utility. In a joint venture with E-on and EWE AG, he led the Vattenfall team of alpha ventus, the first German deep water wind farm, producing since 2009.

In a long line of achievements, he was Project Director of Vattenfall's first offshore high-voltage grid connection for the Baltic 1 wind farm, Technical-Commercial Project Coordinator of the Trianel Borkum I, and Project Director of the Trianel Borkum II offshore wind farm. By the end of 2017, Johannes Dimas gave special attention to the renewable business and international portfolio development of Trianel division in Hamburg.

Johannes Dimas is actively promoting the German energy transition and is member of the The German Wind Energy Association (BWE) since the year 2001.

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Globally Connected

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Johannes Dimas gave between 2009 and 2011 advice to major international companies of the wind industry from Americas, Asia, and Europe on behalf of Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. From 2020 to 2023 he was business analyst of GTAI in Brazil.

Since 2020, he is the representative Brazil within the World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO).

Paving the Way for Offshore Wind in Brazil

Since several years, Johannes Dimas is locally engaged in Brazil:

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