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  1. About the Wind-Link-Portal
  2. Tips for a Successful Search
  3. New Entry or Update
  4. Recommending Wind-Link
  5. Problems?

1   About the Wind-Link-Portal

The Wind-Link-Portal is a non-commercial Internet portal with an unmatched record of thoroughly selected websites. Wind-Link is a knowledge data base, not a business directory (even if it lists the most relevant business directories). Registration is not required, the offer is free of charge.

This offer is without any commitment on our part; errors and omissions excepted. With the use of Wind-Link, you accept the Terms & Conditions as well as our Data Privacy Statement in German.

2   Tips for a Successful Search

You can use the text search, the filters or both combined.

Full-text search:

Separate any number of search terms with a space.
"AND" or "OR" can be selected as search operators in the menu:

For the exact search of a group of words, enclose its terms with quotation marks.

The filter-based search:

Filter the data step by step. Point the cursor on a filter pulldown menu for filter-specific help. Check the (number of) results and refine your search by using the next filter. If the search terms within a filter do not fit your search, let the filter unchanged. You can also remove single filter afterwards.

3   New Entry or Update

Please support Wind-Link by suggesting new entries or reporting bugs and invalid entries! If you would like to nominate your company, please keep in mind: Wind-Link is a knowledge data base, not a business directory.

Your suggestions will be checked carefully and for this reason it will take some days, till they appear in the database.

4   Recommending Wind-Link

Please promote Wind-Link on your website, mention it in your newsletter, or make it more known via your print media. Your website visitors and customers will definitely appreciate this tip. In case you publish a link on your website, we would be grateful for a short hint. However, promoting Wind-link is without any commitment on your part. This offer is also without any commitment on our part; errors and omissions excepted. Please be aware, that embedding Wind-Link in another side is strictly forbidden (e.g. with techniques comparable to iframe or object tag).

Wind-Link (DE)
Banner Wind-Link (German version)
Wind-Link (EN)
Banner Wind-Link (English version)


Please use the following links for referencing to Wind-Link:

German language version:

English language version:


Tip:You can embed the image also by referencing directly to the image located on our server. This will ensure, that always the latest banner-version is shown on your website. Include the following graphic-reference and create a reference to Wind-Link as described above:

Banner for German language version:

Banner for English language version:

5   Problems?

If Wind-Link does not work proper, please clear your browser-cache and reload the page or use another browser. This will solve the problem in most cases. However, if the problem remains, please send us an e-mail with a short description of the error and your browser type.


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