The Wind Energy Industry in Germany - Issue 2010/2011

GTAI Industry Overview: The Wind Energy Industry in Germany - Issue 2010/2011

DIMAS, J. (2010):

The Wind Energy Industry in Germany - Issue 2010/2011.- Industry Overview, 14 S., Germany Trade and Invest - Gesellschaft für Außenwirtschaft und Standotmarketing mbH (Hrsg.), Berlin.



In recent years Germany has set the express goal of ensuring that environmental protection and economic growth develop in tandem. The country's wind energy industry is the world's largest, and it is at the forefront of technological development. Germany's long mechanical and electronic engineering tradition is the backbone underpinning its current strong position.

Germany's central position in Europe also makes it an ideal location for the European onshore markets as well as for the European offshore markets. Excellent investment opportunities have led wind energy companies from around the world to base their operations in Germany.

At present, the growing number of offshore-related industrial settlements reflects the unparalleled location economies of Germany's coastline for the northern European offshore markets. Attractive government incentives and a stable investment environment have helped to considerably increase the country's attractiveness to investors.

Content (excerpt)

  1. A Sustainable Business in a Stable Investment Environment
  2. The German Wind Energy Industry at a Glance
  3. Germany as a Wind Energy Business Location
    • The Industry
    • The Domestic Market
    • The Export Market
    • The Renewable Energy Sources Act
  4. Offshore Wind Energy
    • Opportunities
    • The German Offshore Market
    • European Offshore Markets
  5. Research and Product Development
    • Unique R&D Environment
    • Offshore Wind Energy R&D
    • Product Realization and Market Launch
  6. Labor Market
  7. Creating Investment Stability
  8. Financing & Incentives in Germany


Wind Energy Development in Germany and Forecast (Source BEE 2009)
Wind Energy Development in Germany and Forecast (Source BEE 2009 in: DIMAS 2010)